• Julia Clancy

Who am I? Why do I run Adorn Personal Styling?

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, your very own Personal Stylist!

I am hopeful this will give you an insight into the reason I am passionate about Adorn Personal Styling.

My story starts as a young mum.

After the birth of my daughter I was shocked at the changes in my body and my self-esteem. I really just wanted to feel like me again. And I was surprised and also grateful to learn that I could feel like me again. With the aid of a wardrobe that met me where I was at. That didn’t make me judge my size or shape. That helped me feel myself now, until I could look more like my old self later. If this was my experience, I knew that there must be countless others going through life changes too. It saddened me to think that someone may not have a helping hand. That they may have to feel stuck and not have a way out. So I decided to find a way to help anyone who was on a similar journey to find themselves again through style.

Many of my friends

... did not have the knowledge that I had on makeup, hair, and style choices. They lacked confidence and would ask me how I dressed the way I did. To be honest, back then I didn’t really have an answer. So when I was able to study a Diploma of Professional Styling I realised that all of my life experience were actually all neatly wrapped up in something called Personal Styling. I knew that to help women feel beautiful and whole this is what I needed to do. So with the support of my family and professional advice from my sister, I joyfully launched Adorn Personal Styling in 2015.

What you wear

...has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, and I am all about helping women feel comfortable, attractive and confident daily. It’s all about creating a style that works for you. Learning how to put a wardrobe together that keeps working for you without a lot of maintenance. We all have to wear clothes. So why not wear the clothes that truly feel and look amazing on you! I have worked with many inspiring women who encourage me to keep sharing and teaching. Their Adorn Journey changed not only their own life but also the lives around them. This is truly humbling and just incredible for me. All I wanted to achieve was to make one woman love herself again.

At the heart

... of what I do is not fashion. Weird? You’re probably like ‘what is she on?’

Let me explain. At the heart of my business is the people I serve. Simple. My goal is to serve you through fashion to be a happier, more confident and more giving human being. My goal is to bless you and spend time with you, to get to know you and put you on a path to wardrobe success and confidence.

If you want to chat more, I would love to meet you! Feel free to pop over and book a Complimentary 30 minute Appointment with me today!

Your Adorn Sister

Julia x

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