• Julia Clancy

Where are you in the Wardrobe Cycle?

The Wardrobe Cycle

We have all had that moment. You are traveling along fine with things to wear and feeling ok then bam! Suddenly you have nothing to wear. Literally nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. And you ask yourself “how did I get here?

Identifying where you are in the Wardrobe Cycle can empower you to take action before it all falls in a heap and you find yourself in wardrobe distress!

Answer YES to any of the following questions and your are in The Struggle phase of they Wardrobe Cycle:

  1. Is what you are currently wearing a 'fall back' outfit? Was it just what you could throw on quickly and not what you actually wanted to wear?

  2. If you imagine your wardrobe, can you make at least 3 full outfits that you would enjoy wearing?

  3. Do you struggle to find your basic items each time you get dressed? For example, a nice top, pants or even a bra that fits?

You are in The Struggle

Realizing all your go-to clothes are worn out or you are sick of wearing them. Key wardrobe essentials are missing so you can’t make an outfit easily. You feel depressed and just tired of trying to make your wardrobe work. You feel like you don’t own any clothes even if your wardrobe is full.

Answer YES to any of the following questions and you are in The Make Do part of the Wardrobe Cycle:

  1. Having realised you don't have clothes to wear, you attempt to fill the gaps and head to the shops, only to come home with clothes that are still 'fall back' options?

  2. You feel overwhelmed by the choices at the shops or online so avoid actually shopping by picking up the odd top at the supermarket or Kmart which gives you a band-aid solution that lasts until you wash the $2 shirt and it falls apart.

  3. You hold onto clothes that are old and warn out but they are safe and familiar so you persevere and keep wearing them worried you wont find a replacement.

  4. You avoid looking in the mirror when getting dressed, and pay little attention to your hair or makeup because you figure it wont make a difference to how you already feel.

You are experiencing The Make Do part of the Wardrobe Cycle

You resolve to get new clothes to fill in the gaps. But you don’t know where to start. You try the shops but get too overwhelmed and anxious. You come away with clothes but still don’t have the missing wardrobe essential you actually needed. You are in need of a second pair of eyes, a neutral opinion, someone to tell you to buy that boring white top (because actually that top is the key to making more outfits out of your existing clothes)

Answer YES to any of the following and you can move confidently into the next phase, The Fix:

  1. Do you want to dress each day Quickly, Easily, Confidently, Stylishly, and Effortlessly?

  2. Can you see yourself making new purchases with absolute confidence knowing that they will fit into your wardrobe and give you more outfit choices?

  3. Do you want this all to happen NOW so you can enjoy wearing clothes again?

You need The Fix!

You book professional help and within hours you have all the wardrobe essentials you needed that fit and flatter! You can now relax and enjoy wearing your new clothes. Better still you learn the skills to add new clothes to your wardrobe with success, therefore ensuring you won’t be left without something to wear.

You can enjoy getting ready without the stress of ‘will it fit?’ Or ‘does it go with that?’ Or ‘I have no clothes!’

Believe me, I know the struggle all too well. Why do you think I started my business in the first place? I simply didn’t want other women to struggle like I had with managing and up-keeping my wardrobe. Having a functional wardrobe of clothes that suit you and you enjoy wearing is simply life changing. Don’t believe me? It’s time you booked Adorn Personal Styling and enjoy style freedom at last!

Your Adorn Sister

Julia x