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What to Wear for Your Valentine's Date Night

February rolls around again and that day is upon us - Valentine's Day!

If you are anything like my husband and I, then you may feel obligated to do something to validate your coupledom (as if 11 years together wasn't enough validation).

So once you have decided to head out and join the throng of humanity, the panic sets in as you realise you have nothing to wear! Well, I’ve got you covered.

Here are my style tips for any date night, including Valentine’s Day.

Wear Perfume

It’s so attractive to smell lovely! A good way to choose is to buy small sample bottles and wear them for a while. The scent is different when worn because it mingles with your unique pheromones and natural body oils, and some perfumes may suit you more than others.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Sexiness is best achieved by being subtle and suggestive, rather than overt and attention-seeking. Think well-fitted, dark colours, classic cuts (a pencil skirt is always sensual) and minimal makeup. Play up your eyes or your lips (but not both!).

Wear Your Hair Out

It's a time to be less the "everyday" you. But stay true to the styles, colours, and fabrics that suit you!

Wear a Heel

They are sexy for a reason – they make your legs appear longer and highlight the curve of your calves. However avoid going so high that you cannot walk in them. It is hard to look alluring when you’re afraid you'll break an ankle.

At the end of the day, if you have a functioning wardrobe you will always have some options to wear. No last minute shopping for events.

You can say "yes" to more fun activities because you are ready to go!

May your Valentine’s Day be full of love and good food!

Your Adorn Sister

Julia x

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