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Veducci - style direct from Melbourne

Veducci! Direct from Melbourne

I had the privilege of attending a lovely afternoon tea recently and was introduced to Veducci. Now, in all honestly I was definitely there for the amazing cheese platters provided by my dear friend Erin, and actually had no expectations for the clothing. After viewing the whole collection piece by piece I became more intrigued by the company. Marzena graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the company and her role.

Q. How did you discover Veducci?

  1. “I had been buying from the company through other people’s party’s for years and then during covid decided to sell veducci myself as a means of extra income and creative outlet”.

Q. Being based in Melbourne, how did Veducci survive lockdown?

  1. “Veducci very quickly changed their plans and adapted to make Personal Protective Equipment and masks during covid lockdown.”

Q. What’s your favorite thing about the company?

  1. “The variety of clothes, styles and fabrics. I am always happy with the quality of fabrics and know from experience the garments last for a long time.”

Q. Is Veducci Australian made or designed?

  1. “Yes. Both Australian made and designed. If you would like your money to go into supporting Australian production and business then the best way is to book a party!”

Q. How can I shop Veducci?

  1. “Book a party with your local representative. They have all the style knowledge and garment insights to help you choose the perfect Veducci style. Ordering is easy and fun, you can choose the fabrics you want from swatches, and after your order is finalised you can expect delivery in about 6 weeks. This is because the garments are made to order! How cool is that! And if you are worried you may not love the final product both exchange or store credit is available if you don’t like it when it arrives.”

Q. What if I don’t want to host a party but still want to view the range?

  1. Marzena is more than happy to give you a one on one consults in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to book a party to enjoy shopping with Veducci.

Q. What are the things you love about working for Veducci?

  1. “As an employee I enjoy flexibility with my work. I also find a lot of joy in meeting women and watching them be excited about the clothes and the options to customise. We always have a lot of fun with the fabric swatches and trying on in a friendly environment is great. No harsh in store lights and mirrors, just your friends and family having fun together!”

Adorn Personal Styling is hosting a Veducci party with Marzena on 13th December. Come along for the food and drinks and maybe like me you will discover a whole new style to embrace!

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