• Julia Clancy

Style Your Personality

Style elements you may not have considered…

Did you know that your unique personality has bearing on what style you choose? Even down to

whether you are introvert or extrovert? The key to wearing a style and making it really effortless

is to dress not only for your body type, the colours that suit you, the fabrics that flatter you but

also dress to your personality.

Lets dig deeper

If I have a client who is vivacious and outgoing, who is the life of the party I know that she is

potentially able to wear wilder patterns, bigger accessories and louder colours than her shy

counterpart. It is imperative that your style fits with your personality otherwise you will find you

are always trying things on at home but just not comfortable to make the step into the world!

Think about your wardrobe for a moment. Do you have some clothes lurking inside that you love

and you admire other people wearing, but you have never left the house actually wearing it?

Think about the colour and the pattern, does it really fit with your personality? This can be the

key to an item of clothing wearing you or you wearing it!

We have all seen what happens when we get this wrong. You will notice the lady in question fiddling with her clothes, slouching to appear smaller, nervously checking everything is in place. This is the worst feeling! Especially as, in my experience, this lady has been painstakingly thinking through what to wear for ages and still didn't hit the mark! It simply isn't her fault that she couldn't crack the code to fitting her style to her unique personality.

That's where professional advice comes in. Unbiased advice is priceless and can finally give you that edge. The knowledge that will transform your choices and mean you never have to feel less than perfect in a room full of strangers. You will feel confident, not that you look better that everyone in the room, but that you absolutely nailed being you!!

Your Adorn Sister

Julia x

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