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Style by Feelings

Fire in my belly

When I think about my own story, the ups and downs, the realisations along the way, it always puts a fire in my belly that makes me want to share and educated woman. Why? Because it is hard out there. Hard to be yourself and feel like you fit into the modern world. Hard to create an image that truly reflects your own uniqueness and also helps you to find your place in the world. It is hard to ignore the messages that you are not young enough, not skinny enough, don't have enough muscles, have too many wrinkles, too many grey hairs, too much cellulite.

Stolen joy

So now my fire burns for all woman who need to be told they are enough. And if they need a guiding hand Adorn can offer kind truthful words that can heal all the misinformation that has stolen their joy.

Why do I feel this way?

This is a message I have to tell myself, daily. I guess in essence I learnt so much about fashion because I always felt like an outcast and never felt I fit into the clothes on offer to me as a teen. I developed early and was pretty much the shape I am now from around 13 years old. Everyone around me was wearing low cut jeans and T-shirts. Or shorts and T-shirts. Or bikinis, cargo pants and trendy over sized sneakers. My body just did not fit this style. I always felt frumpy and in essence, fat. I felt fat. At the time I weighed less than I would ever weigh, I FELT fat and unattractive. This is such a scary thought for me. Because it is not the reality that other people see that matters, no, the ONLY thing that really matters is that you FEEL good enough. You FEEL energised and healthy. Then all the superficial worries just float away.


So how did I escape the scary fashion of my youth? I watched shows like Trinny and Suzanna in ‘What not to Wear’ and was inspired by the realisation that by acknowledging certain clothes just didn't make you feel attractive you could be free. And that it is ok not to wear ‘fashion’ if it does not make you happy! What a revelation!

Time to embrace

I am eternally grateful that I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by stylish woman who enjoyed creating outfits and using makeup to enhance and be creative with their image. I found myself finally embracing my womanly figure and slowly becoming excited by my new fashion choices.

This is just a snippet of my story. And I know you have one too. Whatever it has been or is now, let my fire also ignite a desire in you to fully accept yourself and start enjoying your uniqueness!

With Blessings

Your Adorn Sister

Julia x

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