• Julia Clancy

Sister Style Swap!

So my sister Natalie is visiting and of course I tried on her clothes, as any self respecting sister

would do! We actually share the same colour palette, cool summer, so it is always intriguing to

try on each others clothes!

The only issue is that we have dramatically different body shapes. We are similar in size but

have vastly different proportions. So when I tried on Natalie's gorgeous clothes they just didn't

make me feel amazing. They were ok. But not amazing. And on Natalie they are stunning!

So, for the purpose of education, we decided to do a style swap to demonstrate how choosing

the right clothes to balance your proportions can make an outfit look stunning or drab!

Check out these two videos, same outfit, two sisters just trying to make it work!

So this is one of my outfits and my newest purchase and I quite enjoy wearing it. It flares out from the waist disguising my hips which make me feel self conscious, and the wide ruffle on the shoulder helps to balance my upper and lower half. It is a wrap style, and lets be me honest, 99% of my dresses are wrap dresses! On the other hand, Natalie felt totally unbalanced and uncomfortable, and it didn't help that her bust would not be contained.

This is the outfit Natalie was wearing when she arrived. She looked so stunning and put together and I was super envious of her jumpsuit! But the reality is I avoid pants at all costs as I just do not feel amazing in them. So trying this jumpsuit was like taking me deep into hostile territory.

The strangest thing about this experience was seeing myself in Natalie's full outfit how she

would style herself. And you know what? It was obvious then that it is not all about what it looks

like, your style is part of your personality and the traits you want to celebrate. What you believe

about yourself manifests in your style.

How did Natalie feel in my style? “Like an imposter” she said. And it's not surprising. Basically

widening the shoulders is the last thing Natalie wants to do when dressing for her shape. It

doesn't feel right and it makes her look overbalanced.

The lesson we both learnt (again and again as we keep getting tempted by each others style!) is to know what rules of thumb really work and go with it. I am now dreaming of ways to liven up my look

after I realised I don't really utlilise separates as much as I could. Natalie felt that the experiment

really enforced her own style was working and she was happy with it!

We hope you enjoyed our Sister Style Swap! We learned to admire but stay true to your own style to truly feel on point.

Your Adorn Sister

Julia x

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