• Julia Clancy

Is Budget a dirty word when it comes to style?

This week I have decided to do a spotlight women who inspire me with their amazing

style! Sometimes my friends worry that I am judging them on what they wear all the time, but

actually most days I don't notice anything until I see someone who is rocking their own style

confidently and looking stunning! Then I instantly start to analyse what they have done to

achieve their style… how did they pair items together? What colours and cuts did they choose?

What makes their outfit really pop? And in the case of the woman I am about to tell you about…

how did she achieve this with three young kids??

Meet Brittany. She is a fellow mum who I have seen at school drop off all this term. Each time I

saw her I was envious of her beautiful wardrobe of mostly dresses and how polished her hair

and makeup was too! So I decided it was time to get to know her further and find out her secret

to style! Here is what I discovered in her own words…

NOTE: Adorn has not styled Brittany, all outfits, styling, makeup and hair and awesome wisdom is her own... and P.S. no filter! Stunning!


The person who inspires my style is my mum Susan. Growing up mum never had a hair out of

place and she always dressed beautifully. Her hair and makeup always was done it’s how I

have remembered her. She is so beautiful!

My Wardrobe

I have not had a major style change instead I rely on what makes me feel beautiful. I have

always loved the same style of clothes which are colourful, floral, and flowy. The staple pieces I

always have in my wardrobe are maxi dresses, loose tops, tights and denim jackets.

Daily Style

My daily routine starts by getting woken up by my kids so I’ll then get them dressed and make

them breakfast, while they are eating and watching a bit of TV I will sneak away and do my

makeup quickly throw on a dress usually then put my hair up in a bun or have it down if it’s


My Must Haves

My number one must have product is definitely my dry shampoo! I absolutely love it and it

definitely gets me through being a busy mum. I get mine from Woolies or Coles and it is called

Batiste instant hair refresh dry shampoo and it is the best!. With not a lot of time, a must have

is lipstick. Never underestimate what a bit of lippy can do for your confidence! My one splurge is

on my foundation. A good base means everything else just works. Estée Lauder foundation

from Myers has been my go to for 15 years.

Where I Shop

Being a stay at home mum and having three kids on basically one wage I always shop for

bargains. I love Big W, Kmart, and Rockmans. Beautiful things can be found that aren’t

expensive. I absolutely love dresses, being a fuller figure I love wearing flowy clothes that go in under my bust and flow down, I love that you can dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down

with some flats and a denim jacket. I live in dresses.