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I had a Wardrobe Restyle and this is how it felt...

So you all may know a little about me by now. Although, I do forget that there are things you may not all know such as; I am a bit obsessed with corsetry (making it and wearing it), I adore hours alone with a book, a needle sewing, an iron or my viola. I also enjoy cooking when I know it’s going to make people smile, and I love a good old chat with a close friend.

Something else you may have gleaned is that my go to outfit is always and forever a dress… so I do struggle when it gets to cooler weather and I know my legs are not going to be happy with only a stocking for comfort.

So, I call on my oh so stylish sister, Sarah, to come to the rescue and help me both cull my current wardrobe and shop for some warm, layer-able basics (because we are all our own worst enemy sometimes, and without her sage advice I would definitely come home with several dresses and still not have anything to wear!)

Enter - my wardrobe - everything is now on my bed. And one by one we hold up, critique and sort.

I, like so many of us, have bags worth of clothes I don’t even wear hiding in my wardrobe. We all love that feeling of security that familiar things give us. And I am sure that applies here. We don’t actually notice that those comfy pants have lost all elasticity and are now dreadfully see-through, because they have become so familiar, we no longer really see them for what they are.

It takes a new pair of eyes to help discern what needs to be let go or replaced and what can stay. Unsurprisingly, I felt uncomfortable and a little embarrassed at times with some of the items lurking in my closet. And this was my sister helping me! So believe me when I say I know how you feel.

But as we then moved on to the shopping, and Sarah dutifully banned me from purchasing more dresses, I began to feel confident and joyful that I would actually have something to wear come Autumn. And that is what it’s all about. Putting aside some unhelpful emotions and patterns so we can achieve a wardrobe that functions how we want it to.

So, even though the temperature today was 42 degrees, I have a warm fuzzy feeling when I think of the perfectly curated wardrobe of Autumn/Winter clothes just waiting for the opportunity to see the light in the coming months. The best thing is I won’t have that dreadful moment when the temperature finally drops and you realise you have literally nothing to wear!

Your Adorn Sister

Julia x

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