• Julia Clancy

How to love you postpartum self!

I have been a bit absent on my blog lately. Life gets so busy so I was focusing my attention on viola playing and performing over the last two months. Also I am keen to make sure each blog has some diamond level goodness to share rather than purely opinion pieces. So here goes!

I received this heart warming testimony yesterday from Marion. Some days you find yourself wondering why? Why do I keep pushing this business and keep putting myself out there? It isn’t easy. So why? And the answer is right here. Permanent and life altering change that came about for Marion because I shared my bubble of know-how on styling.

I was literally tingling with joy to hear that Marion was so confident in her knowledge of her style and how to dress to give herself a confidence boost. So much so that she completely transformed her own postpartum experience from depressing body loathing to acceptance.

She had complete inner peace and certainty that although her body had changed she could still see her own beauty and lovingly adorn her unique body. To me this is everything. This is my why. Thank you Marion for sharing!

NOTE: Photos are originals from Marion's Adorn Wardrobe Restyle in 2016. She is styled in her existing clothes before we added more key pieces to her wardrobe with Adorn Personal Shopping.

P.S. The photo above is of me approx 20 weeks pregnant with our third child Abel.

How do you love your postpartum self? Learning what to wear could be one piece of the puzzle... take control today!

Your Adorn Sister

Julia x

“As every woman knows, having babies changes your body shape. Six months after giving birth to my second child, and no longer needing maternity clothes, I needed to revise my wardrobe to fit my post body baby. While I had lost some baby weight, my body shape was different. It's understandable that faced with this task, most women would ask themselves, where do I begin?"

"Having undergone a wardrobe restyle with Julia in 2016 I knew exactly how to refresh my wardrobe. Having an understanding what colours and shapes compliment my figure the best and why, shopping has become so much easier! I know what to look for and what to try on and don't get distracted or overwhelmed with all the choices of clothing out there. I've also noticed I buy less pieces of clothing as I have a better understanding of how to mix and match items to get the most wear out of them. I can now say that I shop and dress my body, whatever its’ shape, with complete confidence! Thank you Julia!"