• Julia Clancy

How do you know it's time to let go?

You know those great pants that are your ‘go-to’ for comfort?

The ones where the elastic has gone so they barely hold onto your hips? The ones that hold the memories of lazy times at home hiding out in your room with Netflix and chocolate. Or the fuzzy memories of a child little enough to pop on your hip while you cook, barely getting through the day from tiredness, but just happy something still fits – oh, how they comforted you!

Remember how hard was it to finally let them go?

Marie Kondo has modernised the approach to being tidy for homemakers everywhere. I have really enjoyed seeing her passion transform lives.

The one ritual that I related to was consciously saying ‘goodbye’ and ‘thankyou’ when you part with a belonging. Gratitude is powerful. I am inspired to use not only some amazing folding and storage ideas but also gratitude as my clients say goodbye to clothing that was part of their story.

So, when is it time to let go?

Answer: when the item no longer serves you.

So ask yourself “did this item EVER serve me?”

If the answer is NO (it was an impulse purchase, hand me down, present, or not right for me) then let go! No guilt or worry. Say ‘thankyou’ and pass it on. How good does that feel?

If the answer is YES, then ask – “does this item still serve me?” Maybe you’ve changed sizes. Or maybe your life looks different now (working mum with school kids versus stay at home mum with littles). Maybe it used to look great…3 years and 60 washes ago.

It pays to just be honest with yourself. If you wouldn’t give it to friend to wear then why are you wearing it? Is the fabric pilled? Is it faded? Is it stained? Does it show too much wear and tear? If yes, then thank it and let it go!

In the daily busyness of life it is hard to take the time to really be present and notice when things age. But through small daily steps you can ensure you only have items in your wardrobe that serve you. Regular cleaning out also shows you where the gaps in your wardrobe are so you can fill them carefully and thoughtfully.

And remember, if your wardrobe is stressing you out and it is a struggle to get dressed every day (I have been here and it is a desperate, sad place) that you are never alone. Personal Stylists are here for you and absolutely love helping you sort out, reorganise, and purchase beautiful new clothes that will definitely serve you and your needs!

Happy sorting!

Your Adorn Sister,

Julia x

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