• Julia Clancy

Did you say I look like a pear?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Body Shape Explained

Today I will address the question asked by a lovely customer: “Could you offer some pointers on how to work out your body shape and some key pieces that work for each shape?"

When we hear the term 'body shape' some words that spring to mind could be hourglass, cone, goblet (if you are familiar with Trinny and Suzanna) or even apple or pear, to name a few.

Cracking the Body Shape Code

It has long been believed that if you crack your body shape mystery then all your wardrobe issues will be solved!

Unfortunately, I believe that these labels often leave a person feeling cheated, restricted and uninspired.

I believe that we should simply focus on our unique assets and highlight those areas in order to shine!

We can cleverly disguise other areas that we may feel more self-conscious about and focus attention on our most-loved areas.

Try Something Different

Whatever your relationship with your body is at the moment I would encourage you to be ok with the uncomfortable and new feeling of trying something different, such as wearing a sleeveless top when you always thought you couldn't show your arms. (How often do we have these stories in our head about what we “shouldn’t” wear – usually something we heard and accepted without challenging the assumption).

Seeking professional advice is one way to ease into new and exciting clothing choices without limiting yourself to things that may have worked in the past.

Letting Go of the Labels

The shape issue runs so deep that if I tell a woman she has an hourglass figure she would light up, so happy and joyful!

While if I tell the same woman she is a pear shape her jaw would drop and she would feel less than perfect.

The labels are simply not helpful anymore, in my opinion. I have been thinking a lot about this issue and how it relates to my clients and myself.

In response, I have started to use different language.

A New Way to Understand Body Shape

The words that I use now and find super helpful are "harmony”, “balance" and "proportions".

As you look in the mirror ask yourself, "Is this outfit making me look balanced?"

Now, it does get a little trickier, as a lot of elements can make your figure look unbalanced - the use of pattern, colour, texture, type of shoe, and the list goes on...

This is where professional help can go a long way to helping you understand the tricks and tips that will assist you to always make your outfit look balanced.

Finding "harmony" can be as simple as asking yourself, "When I look at this outfit what does my eye go to first?"

If the answer is your gorgeous face then yes, you have achieved harmony!

The eye wants to roam freely and rest on your face when it is not distracted by colour, pattern, texture or imbalance.

Understanding your proportions is also helpful in deciding what to wear to create harmony and balance.

You Are a Masterpiece

You are basically trying to achieve something that an artist would be proud of, however you are the walking, talking canvas!

This is what I want all my clients to walk away with - the knowledge to create their own ‘looks’ and through knowing their own bodies, to create ‘harmony’ and ‘balance’ in their everyday outfits!

Clothing has the ability to enhance and disguise.

You are perfect just as you are!

And the key here is to let yourself shine through feeling confident and happy.