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     I'm Julia

White jeans!! Can only wear to work as t

I'm a Personal Stylist and fashion history fanatic who loves to solve your wardrobe issues and ignite that spark so you can enjoy getting dressed every day.  

What is the process?


Book a 30 minute complementary appointment


Or if that’s not your style, get to know me more by simply click over to read on my blog more about me. 

...Any of these options working for you? Well I have one more little surprise. 

Clothes Hanging


I am seriously desperate to get into your wardrobe. 

My first goal is to cull. I may feel like a ruthless wardrobe boss but I promise I’ll be gentle… 

Pinching the Shirt


Secondly, I want to get to know you. So I guess it’s kinda like a first date but with your ‘personal stylist’ rather than your crush.

But, it’s not all bad. I’ll take out the rubbish, tidy your wardrobe, give you loads of compliments and will definitely not ghost you after. I promise! 

Friends Hugging


So my final goal is to teach you why certain clothes make you look like a sack of potatoes and others, sometimes with only minor differences, get you strutting like Elle MacPherson! 

So let’s go get you styled! Don’t wait until you are your goal weight, the stars align or you win the lottery. Today you can feel happier, confident and have fun with your style!

...And as a thank you for reading (one day I’ll make it into a movie)

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And if you are now, eyes ogling, want to get started yesterday (I can be very impatient at times too) then you are in luck! Simply click the link below to book your life changing Adorn Wardrobe Restyle now!

Oh yeah, I guess you may like to know the cost? The Adorn Wardrobe Restyle is a one off payment of only 


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Then we head to the shops to learn more and fill up your now partially empty wardrobe with beautifully flattering gems that will get you complimented till the cows come home! Two wholesome hours of  Adorn Personal Shopping is a one off payment of only




So now you have all the goss I will leave you to take a moment and decide if you want to keep struggling with stress and anxiety over what you wear every single day of your life or take a chance, make a change, click 


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Can’t wait to meet you!! 


Your Adorn Sister 

Julia x

Did I mention I am working at Birdsnest_


"If you want a wardrobe update, overhaul, or just get some pointers on what you should be wearing, give Julia a call. She'll save you so much money in the end and she's a delight as well!"


- Sarah


 Now you have found me lets talk a bit about you... 

This is how I guess you are feeling right now?

 Uninspired, frumpy, stuck, overwhelmed,  unmotivated or afraid to shop?

Put simply, desiring change and looking for a helping hand. 

?How do these words resonate with you?

My goal is to simplify the shopping experience and create functional wardrobes.

I want you to feel reinvigorated! Find clarity. Feel confident-comfortable-attractive-joyful-stylishand for it all to be easy!


So what next?

Feel free to grab a free 'no strings attached' voucher below


Simply book in a complementary 30 minute appointment via phone or in person to discuss your next step!              easy!

My Goal...

"Perfection is a matter of perspective and from my perspective you're better than perfect, You're unique!"

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